A regenerative medicine clinic offering minimally invasive, cellular treatments

Stem Cell Therapy London

London Stem Cell Centre is a regenerative medicine clinic offering minimally invasive treatments for orthopaedic conditions.

London Stem Cell Centre was founded by orthopaedic surgeons Simon Moyes in 2015. Using regenerative medicine to treat musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, the clinic aims to achieve better, more lasting results than standard methods of surgery.

Our Treatments

The London Stem Cell Centre provides treatment using your body’s own natural reparative ability – from platelets in your blood plasma to stem cells from your bone marrow that can rebuild damaged tissue. We also offer fat-derived stem cells and umbilical cord stem cell treatment.

We also offer injection therapies designed to reduce inflammation, and electric wave therapy to stimulate healing.

Our treatments go hand-in-hand with the specialist orthopaedics offering at Capital Orthopaedics. The injection therapies may be used in combination with surgical procedures to encourage recovery and long-term resilience against future injury.

London Stem Cell therapies can also form part of a bespoke treatment plan that includes physiotherapy and nutritional guidance to help you maintain a fit, active lifestyle well into the future.

Why Choose the London Stem Cell Centre for Stem Cell Therapy?

Our surgeons are excited to bring this technology to all their existing and new patients and will be keeping comprehensive data on the progress of each patient’s development.

With the involvement of top research hospitals in London, our clinic will be at the forefront of international stem cell therapy research.

This area is continuously evolving, and the London Stem Cell Centre aims to bring more innovative medical technology to patients who most require this care.

Treatments We Offer

PRP Injections

Our team of specialists offer stem cell treatments such as PRP injections to stimulate your body’s own natural healing process, reduce pain and improve mobility.

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BMAC injections are widely used to support rehabilitation in sports medicine, and also to speed up the healing process after surgery. Find out how we can help.

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Area's We Treat


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Foot and Ankle

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Our Team

The team at London Stem Cell Centre offers the very latest in stem cell and regenerative therapy to help you regain a pain-free, active lifestyle with minimal intervention.

Dr Simon Moyes

Orthopaedic Surgeon


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