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Helping you to recover from hand and wrist pain, chronic conditions and injuries – without surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hand & Wrist Pain

London Stem Cell Centre is a regenerative medicine clinic offering minimally invasive, cellular treatments for orthopaedic conditions.

Our team of specialists offer stem cell treatments, plasma and steroid injections and shockwave therapy to stimulate your body’s own healing process – helping you to recover from injuries and chronic musculoskeletal conditions with minimal intervention, aiming to supersede standard surgical procedures.

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What Hand and Wrist Conditions Can London Stem Cell Centre Help Treat?

Your hand and wrist are highly complex structures.

Your wrist is a very mobile joint that connects your forearm bones (radius and ulna) to the bones of your hand.

Your hand is made up of 27 joints, each with their own ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, cartilage and other tissues.

Any of these joint structures can get damaged through repetitive strain, wear and tear, an impact or a forceful twisting action.

At London Stem Cell Centre, we offer a range of cellular treatments using your own body’s healing capabilities to help stimulate repair, reduce pain in your hand or wrist, and improve mobility. Contact us here to find out more.

Hand and Wrist Conditions We Treat

We treat a range of hand and wrist problems with injection therapy, including:

Hand arthritis

The slippery layer of cartilage that coats the 27 joints in your hand can get damaged through wear and tear or an injury, exposing the rough bone surface below. This can cause bone degeneration, leading to misalignment of the bones, bony outgrowths that affect smooth movement, and other damage to the structure of the joint. Osteoarthritis leads to inflammation in the joint, pain and stiffness.

Treatment: our cellular therapies can help reduce the pain of arthritis and improve the range of motion in the affected joints in your hand. This includes using the growth and healing capabilities of PRP and BMAC.

Thumb arthritis

The mobile joint at the base of your thumb (carpometacarpal or CMC joint) is coated in cartilage to enable smooth movement. If this wears away, it leads to degeneration of the bone underneath, resulting in the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis.

Treatment: our injection therapy for arthritis includes the growth and healing capabilities of your blood plasma and bone marrow, as well as the anti-inflammatory qualities of adipose (fat) cells or bone marrow.

Carpal / ulnar tunnel syndrome

The nerves that run through your wrist are vitally important for hand and finger function and your sense of touch. Nerves can be damaged or impaired by various conditions or injuries to your wrist. Carpal tunnel and ulnar tunnel syndromes are caused by pressure on the nerves that run through ‘tunnels’ in the bones of your wrist. This leads to numbness or tingling in your fingers and thumb and weakness in your hand. Carpal and ulnar tunnel syndromes can be caused by repetitive activities (such as typing or using a jackhammer), rheumatoid arthritis, cysts, tumours or other injuries to your wrist.

Treatment: rest and physiotherapy are usually effective treatments. Depending on the cause of your condition, you may benefit from cellular therapy to help reduce inflammation and increase space in your wrist.

What Treatments Are Available to Treat Hand and Wrist Pain?


Platelet rich plasma therapy involves injecting a concentrate of the growth factors and other substances in your blood plasma cells that promote healing. This is particularly effective in areas ...

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Our surgeons can extract tissue from your bone marrow (BMAC) which can reduce the symptoms of arthritis and also encourage repair processes of other damaged tissues.

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