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London Stem Cell Centre is a world-leading regenerative medicine clinic offering minimally invasive, pioneering treatments for orthopaedic conditions.

The London Stem Cell Centre team consists of two of London’s top specialists in orthopaedic surgery, Mr Simon Moyes, as well as highly experienced physiotherapists, in-house radiologists and sports medicine professionals.

Our team offers the very latest in stem cell and regenerative therapy to help you regain a pain-free, active lifestyle with minimal intervention.

Simon Moyes

Now an internationally renowned orthopaedic surgeon, Simon Moyes qualified from the Middlesex Hospital in 1982. Following surgical SHO rotation based at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, he completed specific orthopaedic surgical training at The Westminster Hospital as an Orthopaedic Surgical Registrar.

In 1989, he began his Senior Registrar’s rotation out of The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.

During this time, he won a six-month research fellowship at the Clinical Research Centre in Northwick Park Hospital, and rotated through other leading centres of excellence, including Great Ormond Street Hospital and University College Hospital.

In 1991, Mr Moyes was one of the first Senior Registrars in the country to pass the New Specialist exit exam for orthopaedic surgeons – the intercollegiate FRCS Orth.

Simon Moyes became a lecturer in Orthopaedics at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital – listed as one of the top 10 specialist hospitals in the UK and the leader in Orthopaedics.

He also organised visiting fellowships in the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney and the Southern California Orthopaedic Institute in Los Angeles.

Simon Moyes took up a post of Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at UCL Hospitals in London in 1994, with a special interest in arthroscopic surgery in sports medicine.

He went into full-time private practice in 1997, and now heads up the Capital Orthopaedics team, working out of The Cromwell Hospital, The Basinghall Clinic and Platinum Medical Centre in Central London.

Orthopaedic Interests

Mr Moyes’s main orthopaedic interests are in arthroscopic and minimally invasive treatment of problems of the knee, shoulder, foot and ankle.

Research interests currently are development of minimally invasive and arthroscopic techniques for the knee, shoulder, foot and ankle.

In recent years, his research interests are also focused on regenerative and stem cell treatments for orthopaedic conditions.

London Stem Cell Centre

In 2015, Simon Moyes set up the London Stem Cell Centre to explore and research the potential of using regenerative medicine to achieve better surgical results than their standard methods of surgery.

After extensive research and analysis which factored in patient safety, cost of surgery and current regulations, Simon Moyes devised a new gold standard treatment for their patients, which forms the basis of the London Stem Cell Centre’s procedures.

Simon is extremely excited to be able to bring this technology to all their existing and new patients and will be keeping comprehensive data on the progress of each patients development.

This area is continuously evolving, and the London Stem Cell Centre aims to bring more innovative medical technology to patients who most require this care.

Our Treatments

The London Stem Cell Centre provides treatment using your own body’s natural reparative ability – from growth cells in your blood plasma to the stem cells from your bone marrow that can rebuild damaged tissue.

We also offer injection therapies designed to reduce inflammation, and electric wave therapy to stimulate healing.

Our treatments go hand-in-hand with the specialist orthopaedics offering at Capital Orthopaedics. The injection therapies may be used in combination with surgical procedures to encourage recovery and long-term resilience against future injury.

London Stem Cell therapies can also form part of a bespoke treatment plan that includes physiotherapy and nutritional guidance to help you maintain a fit, active lifestyle well into the future.

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