A regenerative medicine clinic offering minimally invasive, cellular treatments.

BMAC at London Stem Cell Centre

London Stem Cell Centre is a regenerative medicine clinic offering minimally invasive, cellular treatments for musculoskeletal conditions.

Our team of orthopaedic surgeons and sport medicine specialists offer stem cell treatments, plasma and steroid injections and shockwave therapy to stimulate your body’s own natural healing process, reduce pain and improve mobility.

London Stem Cell Centre is dedicated to helping you to recover from injuries and chronic musculoskeletal conditions with minimal intervention and without the need for surgery.

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What is BMAC?

Bone Marrow Aspirate Stem Cell Concentrate (BMAC) contains growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells and anti-inflammatory proteins which promote bone and soft tissue repair, as well as reducing the pain of injury in conditions such as tendonitis and arthritis.

BMAC injections are widely used to support rehabilitation in sports medicine, and also to speed up the healing process after surgery.

What Is Involved in BMAC injections?

A bone marrow stem cell procedure takes place at our specialist regenerative medicine clinic in London.

Bone marrow is harvested from the back of your pelvis using a needle and syringe. You will usually be sedated, and the area around the pelvis is numbed with a local anaesthetic. The bone marrow harvest injection usually takes 30 minutes.

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London Stem Cell Centre is a leading team of surgeons and sports medicine professionals based in London, with a reputation for excellence in complex regenerative medicine.

Our injection therapies provide a safe and effective solution to many musculoskeletal conditions, harnessing the healing capabilities of your own body to speed up recovery and build resilience against future injuries.

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What Conditions Can BMAC Treat?

Bone marrow derived stem cell injections can be used to treat or augment a wide range of orthopaedic conditions and injuries. Some common treatment areas include:

  • Knee pain: osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, tendon injuries, ligament sprains or tears
  • Shoulder pain: osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, labral tear,
  • Hip pain: osteoarthritis, labral tears, gluteal tendon tears,
  • Elbow pain: tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, osteoarthritis
  • Wrist & Hand pain: osteoarthritis
  • Ankle & Foot Pain: Achilles tendonitis, partial Achilles tears, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains/ligament injury

Why Choose the London Stem Cell Centre for Stem Cell Therapy?

Our surgeons are excited to bring this technology to all their existing and new patients and will be keeping comprehensive data on the progress of each patient’s development.

With the involvement of top research hospitals in London, our clinic will be at the forefront of international stem cell therapy research.

This area is continuously evolving, and the London Stem Cell Centre aims to bring more innovative medical technology to patients who most require this care.

What Other Treatments Are Available?


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Our Team

The team at London Stem Cell Centre offers the very latest in stem cell and regenerative therapy to help you regain a pain-free, active lifestyle with minimal intervention.

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